Monday, December 18

Book Review of Freakonomics

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Economics is not an area of interest to me, but understanding the whys and hows of people is and that is the type of thing this book addresses.  I was completely surprised by how much this book captivated me.  My favourite chapter was the one on naming.  I have long found it interesting how people choose baby names for their children, but had no idea that there was a science or pattern behind it.  Who knew that naming your children had anything to do with economics?!  I will never think of baby names in the same way again thanks to what I learnt in this book.

Even though this book is about economics, you don’t have to have a mind for numbers or math to find this absolutely fascinating or to be able to understand it.   There is more to this book than just baby names.  Other topics include parenting, criminal trends, drug dealing, real estate agents, schoolteachers, and sumo wrestlers!  

Though this book is chock full of fascinating information, I also found that the authors are good writers.  They have a style that flows well. The facts are there, but there is also a “storytelling voice” way about the book that draws you in and keeps you entertained.  Their facts are obviously well researched, but they also point out obscure little details about the researchers themselves that makes it all come together in a way that makes you care about statistics and numbers.

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