Monday, December 18

Create a Cartoon Themed Christmas Tree For The Children!

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One thing children really love is to have their own Christmas tree. One created especially for them will delight them. If they can help choose items for it and decorate it that would really be special.

One terrific theme for a child’s tree is to decorate it in cartoon characters. The amount of possibilities for this tree are pretty near endless as Disney and Hallmark cover many cartoon, comic or TV characters in their ornaments.

There are unlimited varieties of ornaments with characters such as Mickey Mouse. The characters from the old cartoons are represented a bit better than new cartoon characters, but you will find anything from Little Mermaid to Super Heroes.

If this tree is just for kids you might also use small stuffed or plastic characters from your favorite cartoons or TV shows. You can hang some with hooks and others by using ribbon at the top.

This will be a very colorful tree and if you want to add Christmas colors just use those in garland or solid colored balls in addition to the character toys or ornaments.

For a kid’s Christmas tree, using some candy for additional decorations works very well. Although candy canes always look great, experiment with other ideas. You could hang individually wrapped lollipops. You could use strung candy as garland or add candy necklaces hung from the branches. Any type of candy that is wrapped and colorful would look great on this themed tree.

Lights could be either all white or the colored variety to keep in theme with lots of bright colors. Either way, the tree will sparkle with all that color from the ornaments.

Most kids love stringing popcorn and if you are not using any other garland, it looks great and will be a fun project during story time or a Christmas TV show.

Finding the perfect tree topper may be a challenge, but since all these characters are stars in their own right, you could use a large star. If you have one character you are featuring, a fairly large stuffed toy of that character could work for the top of your cartoon themed tree. You may need to wire it in place if heavy.

Whenever your tree looks a bit empty, you can fill it up and in by adding some small bows. You will find these at any Christmas decoration section. It is as well so easy to make your own bows at home so you have more choices of colors.

This theme is perfect for children and they can add to it every year, even collecting items during the year. They can make a tree of just one favorite character such as a Rug Rat or Shrek or even lots of different characters from the array of shows and cartoons available.


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