Monday, December 18

How to Set Your Objectives Effectively For Success

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Whether in personal life or at the office, knowing how to set your objectives effectively can mean the difference between attaining your goals or merely wishing you were able to get something done. Goal-setting is a valuable endeavor to complement accomplishment, and can be a great help towards truly working productively; however, just as with any other practice, setting your objectives can be done well or done poorly. There are a few key criteria to keep in mind when stating your goals.


When tackling the thorny problem of how to set your objectives effectively, ensure that the results you seek are measurable. While setting goals like “increase customer satisfaction” or “be more polite to people” can sound like admirable aims, in reality these are terrible goals, as they are not concrete and would be very difficult to measure. After all, if you cannot directly measure it, then how do you know you succeeded? Instead, strive to set very specific marks to meet, which will give you a tangible target to work hard at.


Once you have mastered making your goals measurable, the next part of how to set your objectives effectively is to make sure that the targets you set are realistic. The line you wrote about “sell a million copies of my self-published novel” may sound absolutely awesome; but unless you have some remarkable reasons for such confidence, it will always be best to instead aim for marks you may actually reach, rather than be discouraged at failing to meet expectations that were unrealistic.


Even when you have learned how to set realistic goals, though, you should still make sure that as you are navigating how to set your objectives effectively, the targets you want to hit are worthwhile dreams to labor toward. Setting a modest objective like “match last year’s sales” may sound measurable and realistic, but what is the point of maintaining the status quo? Part of the point of setting goals is to give yourself room to grow; especially in the professional business world, companies should always be striving to innovate and grow, rather than become stale and find themselves losing market share to competitors that attracted customers through creative means.

Knowing how to set your objectives effectively means acknowledging that the goals you set needs to be measurable, realistic, and significant. Once you have these objectives written down with the resources in place to make them happen over your intended period of time, you may find little in the way to stop you from succeeding.


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