Friday, December 15

Tuition Fees Spark London Riot!

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Earlier this week, a riot was sparked in central London due to the rise in tuition fees. The protesters fought with the police destroying  windows in shops and a government building. Prince Charles’ limo was sprayed with paint and kicked. Him and his wife Camilla were unharmed. However, to be honest these royal citizen got what theu deserved.

London is experiencing the same political problems as the United States. The rich people are trying to solve the financial problems of the government by taking advantage of the poor population. It would be wise to stop spending the tax dollars of the middle class on such expenses as parties and private jets for government officials. Perhaps then the gvernment would be able to save a little money without making the poor people even poorer.

The British royalty is similar in their attitude to the U.S. Republicans. The royal family is untouchable. They only care about their own kind. If you are not wealthy, you do not count. It is no wonder that the royal family is always under attack. Perhaps these greedy pigs should dig a hole and hide in there for a while. They should experience what it is like to be poor for themselves. Maybe then they will realize that their behavior is wrong.


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