Tuesday, December 12

How to Increase Your Sex Drive

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Certain food can increase your sex desire like oyster, sea food, celery, banana, and nuts. You should focus on eating these types of food to build a high sex drive.


Stress can definitely prevent you from being able to desire sex. It messes with your nerves and your mood. You might not be engaging with sex or that you lack the interest and you’re more occupied on the topics that are related to your stress.


You should exercise to improve blood circulation and hence sexual desires. Exercising can also reduce stress and improve moods. Exercising will also produce good hormones that will lead to sexual desires.


You can also check with a doctor for prescription on Viagra. Viagra can improve your performances. It is not for everyone. You will need to check with your physician to see if it’s suitable for you. It’s not healthy for those who have heart problems.

Fish oil

Fish oil can increase your sexual desires since it’s made from sea food, fish. It improves blood circulation, and thus improves sexual desires in the brain. It’s over the counter and cheap. Anyone can get a bottle and try it out to see if it will help them but it’s just a side product. Fish oil is very good for your health. It helps improve circulation and protects heart health.


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