Friday, December 15

Reasons to Get Married

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Love is a great feeling. It’s better than chocolate and diamond. You will need to feel this as long as you live. Love is a great thing. It will inspire you to be your best in life. You need love. If you don’t have, a marriage will be able to fill it for you.

Mental health

People who are in a marriage have better mental health because they have someone to love and to share. They have financial and emotional support whereas someone who is single does not have these things. You’re emotionally healthier if you’re married.


Who couldn’t use companionship through the cold and the rain? You need companionship when you get older. When you’re young and you have plenty of friends, you don’t see the need of a companion but when your friends are old and they’re married, they can’t be around you that much anymore so you will need your own family.

Higher quality of life

You will experience a higher quality of life if you have a mate. You have someone to hold and to have. You have someone that care about you. You will have a higher quality of life.


Everyone wants children. It’s fun to raise children and see them turn into successful people. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world to have kids.

Financial securities

You will have financial assistance when you need it. You don’t have this when you’re single. You need to get help from your partner if you don’t have this in your life.


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