Sunday, December 17

Are You Dating a Loser

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He has no job

Who in this day and age has no job? You have to have a job. If he has no job, you would be taking care of him. How can he take you out if he has no job?

No education

In this day and age, you can’t do much without an education. You have to have an education. You should dump him since dating him will not help you much.

Lives with his mom

A man that lives with him mom is not a grown up. They need to move out and have their own place. He could be a momma boy and just depends on his mom alone.

Doesn’t have a car

How will he takes you out if he doesn’t even have a car? He needs to have a car. It’s a part of dating and you will be picking him up if he doesn’t have a car. He could have a DUI or a bad record in order for him not be able to drive or that he is broke and can’t pay insurance for it.

Abuse you

If he abuses you, then he’s definitely not worth your time. If you don’t leave him, it might turn physical one day. You will regret it. If you can leave him, you should leave him early on.

Has no respect for women

A man is not a man unless he knows how to respect women. If he calls women by names and insult them or look at them as sex objects only then he’s no good.

Doesn’t have money

You have to pick up the tab if he doesn’t have money. How can you survive without money, let alone date someone?

Alcoholics and drugs addict

He will most likely abuse you and take your money if he’s an alcoholic or a drug addict.

Cheats on you

This is the worse of them all. I hope you don’t stay with a cheater. They’re not good for anything.


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