Tuesday, December 12

How to Create a Facebook Group

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In order to make a Facebook group, you first need a Facebook account.  Once you have a Facebook account, log into Facebook.  There are three ways to get to the initial set-up page for creating a group.

On the main page in the left column, click on “create group”.  OR

In the search box, type in “groups” and click on “Groups Application”.  Once there, click on the “+ Create Group” icon.  OR

Go directly to the groups application by clicking on www.facebook.com/groups  Once there, click on the “Create Group” icon.

Any of these three ways that you take to get there, a box will open up where you can type in the name of your group.  In the box labelled “members”, you can add as many friends from your friends list as you would like.

Next, choose which level of privacy you would like for your group.  Using the pull down menu in the bottom left of the box, choose either Closed, Open, or Secret.  Closed means that the group members are public, but that the group’s content is private.  With Open, both the members and the content and public and with Secret, the member list and the group’s content are private.

That’s it!  Your Facebook group is now created!  Now that you have made your Facebook group, you can share posts, links, videos, events, documents, and add photos.   

If you would like to know how to delete a Facebook group or how to remove members from your group, please visit my article How to Delete a Facebook Group, http://www.bukisa.com/articles/416784_how-to-delete-a-facebook-group.


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