Monday, December 11

Men From Shiloh: The Price of Hanging

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There’s an odd thing about Men from Shiloh that I’ve noticed, and that is that Lee Majors’ appearances as Roy Tate seem to be tied in to Stewart Granger’s Colonel MacKenzie character.  Most shows from this season focus on just one of the regulars.  When Majors is on, it seems like Granger is around as well.  However, in this episode, The Price of Hanging, Granger is pretty much on the hospital bed the whole time.

One of the frustrating aspects of this 90 minutes is that there is a constant use of clip images, flashes of memory that jump on the screen.  It’s disconcerting, and it happened throughout the show.  I didn’t even like it in the teaser scene.

Something else that seemed a little off to me was just the way the Tate reacts and walks around.  With the urgency involved, I would have thought he’d move with more quickness.  He just seemed like he was going for a stroll.

The guest cast is very good.  Jane Wyatt is excellent, and Lew Ayres is as well.  He has more mystery to him, more layers to the character, and I like the way that developed.

Edward Binns, Tom Tryon, and Bo Svenson were all acceptable, though fairly one dimensional at the same time.


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