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Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare – Act X Summary

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Julius Caesar 

By William Shakespeare

Act X

Scene I

Octavius and Antony are with their armies. Octavius and Antony are watching to other army come down the hill and talking that they are just trying to look brave but they are not. A messenger comes and tells Antony and Octavius that the other army has their battle flags up and are ready to fight. Antony tells Octavius to go to the left but Octavius says he will go right and Antony will go left. Antony then kind of gets mad that Octavius would defy him but Octavius denies it. Cassius and Brutus go up to Antony and Octavius and start bashing each other. They continue to talk and bash each other and when they were done Octavius kind of dared Brutus and Cassius to fight him and then he and Antony leave. Brutus and Lucillius leave and talk while Cassius talks to Messala. Cassius tells Messala that it is his birthday and that he doesn’t think that it is right to just have one big battle to settle everything they should have multiple, smaller ones. He then says that he used to not believe in omens but now he is starting to believe in them. Cassius says that when he was travelling two eagles landed on their flags and ate from the hands of the soldiers but that morning they all left and ravens, crows and kites now fly over their head and that is a sign. Brutus and Cassius then join each other again and start to say their goodbyes because this could be that last time they talk. Brutus then says that if they fail he will not go back to Rome as a prisoner he will kill himself. They say goodbye to each other and leave.

Scene II-III

Brutus is in battle and tells Messala to go and tell Cassius to advance because Octavius’ army is weak and a sudden push would over throw them. Cassius is on the other side of the battle and Antony is gaining ground on them, but he blames it on Brutus’ eagerness. He can see that they are in his tents and sends Titinius to go and see if they are enemy or friends. As Titinius leaves Cassius tells Pindarus to go up on the hill to see what is happening and Pindarus tells Cassius that Titinius has been taken. Cassius believes that they have lost the battle and he tells his servant (Pindarus) that he can be free and gives him a sword to kill Cassius with (the same sword that killed Caesar). Titinius and Messala come up on Cassius’ dead body and Titinius is very sad and thinks that everything is over. Titinius looks for Pindarus as Messala goes and tells Brutus what happened. Titinius can’t believe what happened and thinks it would be the noble and loyal thing to do so he kills himself (with Cassius’ sword). Brutus, Messala and Cato come up on Titinius and Cassius and see that they are both dead (before Titinius died he gave Cassius a crown). Brutus is sad but he will not cry now or mourn their death because he is in the middle of a battle. He sends the body to Thasos because he doesn’t want a funeral at the camp. They all leave and press the army forward to try and win the battle.

Scene IV-V

Brutus tells the army to continue on even though Cassius died. Cato said that no one will surrender and he is the son of Marcus Cato and he will fight against the enemy and for Rome. A soldier then comes and kills Cato and Lucillius says he has died bravely. The soldier tells Lucillius to surrender or die and Lucillius says he will never surrender so you might as well kill him and Brutus now. The soldier says he cannot do that because Brutus is a noble prisoner. Another Prisoner comes in to take Brutus and the other soldier goes and tells Antony. Antony comes in and Lucillius tells him that Brutus will be found on his one terms (dead or alive) and that the gods protect him from the shame that comes with being a prisoner. Antony then tells his soldier to take care of Lucillius and then to go and find if Brutus is alive or dead and then tell them in Octavius’ tent. Brutus stops with his army and tells Clitus and Dardanius secretly to kill him. They both say no and then Brutus is deciding what to do. He calls Voluminius and tells him that he has seen Caesar’ ghost two nights and that he knows his time has come. He then tells him to hold his sword while he runs on it and that it is nobler to kill yourself than to wait to be defeated. Clitus hears the enemy coming and tells Brutus to run. Brutus says goodbye to all of his men and tells them to go and Brutus will follow. Brutus asks Strato to stay to hold the sword. Strato takes Brutus’ hand and says farewell and then Caesar dies. Antony and Octavius then come up on Brutus’ body. Strato says that he is free and that Brutus is dead. Octavius then says that he will take all of Brutus’ men and they can be in his army. Strato joins Octavius then he tells everyone how Brutus died. Antony says that Brutus was the noblest man he has ever met and that all of the other Conspirators acted out of jealousy but he acted, in his eyes, for the good of Rome. He then says Brutus was a man. Octavius ends saying that Brutus will get a service he disserves and that he can stay in his tent tonight. He finishes by telling everyone to rest the night and in the morning they will share the glories of the happy day. 


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