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Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare – Act IV Summary

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Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare

Act IV

Scene I-II

Octavius, Antony and Lepidus got together and were pricking off the names of the Senators and then Octavius says he needs to kill Lepidus’ brother needed to die and Lepidus was fine with it as long as Antony’s sisters son died as well. Antony tells Lepidus to go get Caesars will and Lepidus leaves. While Lepidus is gone Antony talks to Octavius and tells him that he does not trust Lepidus and doesn’t think he is useful or fit to be one of three leaders, but Octavius begs to differ and thinks he can be an asset to them. Brutus is marching with his army and then stops and asks Lucillius how Cassius treated him and Lucillius says he treated him good but not like he used to. Brutus then hears Cassius’ army coming and then marches towards them.  Cassius and Brutus start arguing and then Brutus says that they should not argue in front of the armies so they get the armies to march away so they can talk. 

Scene III

Cassius and Brutus both start arguing about their faults and that each one is a better soldier. After arguing for a while they finally make up and shake hands. A poet comes and tries to get in the tent to try and get the generals to stop arguing but when he comes in they are done. Brutus orders him to leave and he leaves. Brutus orders wine from his servant and then tells Cassius that his wife, Portia, killed herself. She became depressed because Brutus left and that Octavius and Antony were taking over Rome. Messala then enters and Brutus talks to him about a letter he receives and compares what is said to what Messala’s said. Messala then tells Brutus that his wife is dead and Brutus acts like he heard it for the first time and doesn’t show any emotions. Next Brutus asks Cassius what he thinks about marching to Philippi to meet the other army and Cassius says it is a bad idea because if they wait they will be rested and practiced up but Antony’s army will be tired and without food and money. Brutus then tells him that if they wait the people of Philippi will help Antony’s army and they will be refreshed and full of food, but if they march they will have the people of Philippi behind them. Cassius agrees and then he apologises to Brutus again about earlier. They both say good night and Cassius leaves. Brutus calls his servant and tells him to get some of his men to sleep in the tent on his cushions. His servant goes and gets them and they come to the tent. The men are hesitant at first but then go to sleep. Brutus gets his servant to play music for him and the servant is soon asleep playing so Brutus takes the instrument and then goes and reads. He is reading and the ghost of Caesar enters and tells Brutus he will see him in Philippi. Brutus is kind of excited and wakes up the other men to see if they noticed anything or dreamt anything. He then sends one of the men to tell Cassius to march his men first thing and then Brutus will follow. 


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