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Angry Birds on PC

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Angry Birds is coming to PC, that is what their developer Rovio Mobile has announced. Also there will be an ingame store to upgrade your game to a version without ads on mobiles. It will come on to other platforms too in 2011, on the Mac, PS3, Xbox360 ans Wii. But there is originality to take into account…

Angry Birds logo


Angry Birds have been selling well, after a plea on a few social networks to help them get a good spot on the app rankings, Apple saw that it was a winner in the making and helped with premium spots on the iPhone: This made Angry birds skyrocketing, selling over 12 million copies for iOS. The other mobile platforms made that Angry Birds has been sold for over 50 million copies. Not bad, for a fun, simple game. 

Rovio Mobile

Rovio was founded by Finns, in 2003, then called Relude. After a new investment it was later called Rovio Mobile.

There isn’t much to say, so far they haven’t made a big impact, or made any known games: A port of Burnout is about the most famous they did.


You are birds and evil pigs stole your eggs, so you try to kill all the pigs. Using a slingshot to speed up your flightn, you crush the building they are in. There are different birds who can do different things, some even explode. Later on it gets tougher, buildings and the pigs. With new updates, Golden Egg levels have been introduced, finishing them will unlock new bonus content.

Angry Birds;


The graphics, are well, cartoony, since it is designed for mobiles it will never be top-notch. But it looks clean and not tacky at all.

Sound and Music

First the music, there is none, well there is the intro theme, but it isn’t very well made and rather annoying to be honest. Ok, most people turn the music off in their games, but some music during the game can really shape the atmosphere and bring the game unto a higher level. The sounds ingame are good, not very special, some funny cartoony sounds, but well gets annoying after a few times.


Angry Birds isn’t original as the creators claim. A year before, in 2008, and before they “thought up” the game, there was castle clout:|-Action-Games/Castle-Clout-Return-of-the-King.html Even several sequels on it were made before Angry Birds came out, also another popular flashgame, Crush the castle, came out on flashgame before Angry Birds did. I prolly hear you thinking, “Who cares?” I do, Angry Birds will go into the books as the first to smash buildings with animals/humans/objects in it, while it doesn’t deserve it at all! I really can’t stand that when that happens, the credits and profits going to the wrong people.

Castle Clout:

Castle Clout game-play

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