Monday, December 18

The Art Of Eating

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Surprised at the title of this article?You need not be.For this article tries to explain how eating is also, in a certain way, an art.

Just to start off, let us try to define art.According to me, an art is something that enchants us with it’s beauty.It could be music,painting,sculpting,writing or for that matter anything creative.And not to be left behind, eating too is an art.Why?Because it provides us with our daily quota of nutrients.Our body is a complex mechanism which even we do not understand fully, even if we our health care technologies have progressed a lot.Still just like any art like music, which serenades and takes us to a different world, eating too can be therapeutic.

But it is our task to ensure that eating stays an art.That is the tougher part today.We ive in an age that is moving at a speed difficult to comprehend.Be it the technology or even our daily commute.Work is more and even the twenty four hours in a day seems too little.But just like sleep we should also see to it that we eat artfully.

So how do we eat artfully?

Firstly, the food we consume should be natural as far as possible.Sticking to natural foods gives the benefits of supplying required nutrients to our body.So wholesome grains and pulses,fruits,fruit juices and vegetables should form a part of our daily diet.

Next, see to it that you sit in a calm place in your home while having food.Having it with family is good too.Try not to distract yourself while eating food by watching television or talking over the phone or chatting on the computer
.While eating concentrate on doing only that.

Enjoy the food.Of course if the food is well prepared it helps a lot!But that is not the point.The idea is to savour the food while eating it.The colour,appearance,smell,flavour and taste of the dishes should be experienced and enjoyed.That will give a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.It definitely helps not only to fill the stomach, but also to fill us with happiness as it is going to aid in the development of both our mind and body.


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