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Facts About Ppc Advertising

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PPC Marketing, which is also known as Pay per click marketing, is significantly talked about in the Internet world. Web marketers must be equipped with the strategies of pay per click marketing. There are several important elements an individual must bear in mind in terms of learning about pay per click marketing

1.  Know the difference between SEO and SEM(PPC):

SEO is search engine optimization.  Making changes to your website to rank better in Google for a particular search term is SEO.  SEM is search engine marketing, which means the same thing as PPC (pay per click).  Pay per click is just like it sounds, you are paying for a person to click on an ad and be sent to your site.  PPC ads are a great way to get on the first page of Google when your SEO efforts cannot.  The better your PPC advertising, the cheaper clicks cost.  A PPC expert knows how to maximize your SEO and SEM efforts and significantly bring down your costs.

2. The left side of Google is for changing your website to improve ranking:

When you type a search into Google or Yahoo, the listings and rankings on the left of the page are related to the SEO value of your website.  These listings are called natural search traffic, people have found you naturally.  You can get better Google ranking here by changing and improving the content on your website for little to no cost.  For example, if you want to rank better with the search term Denver Colorado Plumbers, make sure those three words are on your website.  Denver CO Plumbers does not contain the word Colorado, so small changes to your site can make you rank better on the left side of the page.

3. The right side of Google is for PPC advertising:

When you type a search into Google or Yahoo, the listings on the right side of the page are PPC ads.  Lets say you are a lawyer in Chicago, the competition is so fierce, you may never get on the first page of Google with Chicago Lawyers no matter how good your website’s SEO value.  Buying the keyword Chicago lawyers in the PPC listings can get you on the right side of the first page of Google at a small cost per click.

4. Make sure you qualify your traffic:

Adding keywords and text ads to your PPC campaign is very easy, the hard part is telling Google and Yahoo the traffic you don’t want.  The PPC expert is most skilled at qualifying traffic before it gets to your site by using geographic targeting, negative keywords, and many other tools to tell Google and Yahoo the traffic you don’t want.  If you own a pizza delivery business in Los Angeles, you don’t want to spend the money on people looking for pizza in Dallas, nor would you want to spend money on people looking for Taco Bell’s mexican pizza.

5. Be extra careful using negative keywords:

Negative keywords can really kill you, so primarily use one word negatives.  Negative keywords are to tell Google and Yahoo that you do not want your ad shown to someone when they use that negative keyword in their search.  If you have a business in New Jersey and use New York as a broad negative, you have told Google you don’t want any traffic containing the word New and the word York.  Obviously bad since New Jersey contains the word New.  PPC experts can drastically reduce your costs by using negative keywords and getting you high quality traffic to your website.

6.Make sure SEO efforts and SEM efforts keep up with each other:

The most effective PPC experts build campaigns to make sure your website landing pages match your keywords AND your text ads.  When you make changes to the content and SEO of your site, make sure your PPC keywords and text ads keep up.  Also, data on high performing keywords and text ads can give you changes you need to make to your website.

7.  The better you qualify traffic and match keywords, landing pages, and text ads, the cheaper your clicks cost:

Googleassigns a number to a keyword, called the quality score.  Quality score is made up of several factors relating to lots of things like the quality and loading time of your website, how relevant your keyword is to your text ads and landing pages, how relevant your text ad is to your keywords and landing pages, and how relevant your landing pages are to your keywords and text ads.  The better things match, the higher your quality score number is, and the cheaper your clicks cost.  The worse things match, the lower your quality score, and the more expensive your clicks cost.  PPC experts job is to optimize text ads and keywords to match your landing pages and bring down your costs.

8.  PPC and PPA are seriously different:

PPC is pay per click and PPA is pay per action.  Hardcore PPC companies like Yellow Pages or put value on an individual click hoping for an action to happen later.  PPA campaigns put value on some action being performed once the person gets to their site.  An action might be a conversion, filling out a registration form, buying a product, referring a friend, bookmarking the page, or whatever else you might think of.  There is a PPC element to PPA such that you still have to pay for the clicks and ads to be shown with Google and Yahoo, but in PPA there is a set amount you are willing to pay before an action happens.  If you own a martial arts school, your PPA action is to have a person sign up to be a student.  That new student is worth $50.  PPC experts optimize your campaign to make sure your PPC spending stays under $50 before a student signs up.  If the PPC expert produces the action in $30 worth of clicks, you would pay Google $30 and the PPC expert $20.

9.  Clearly define your success metrics:

With the infinite variations in how a company defines success, make sure you and your PPC expert have good communication and clearly define how you want your PPC campaign to be successful.  As you learn more about your PPC successes, you will need to continually redefine your success metrics.  Whether you are using CPC, ROI, CTR, PPA, or any other success metric, make sure you keep track of how things are going and be able to quickly adapt to changes.


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