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How to Keep Your Leather Coat Looking New at Home

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Leather is a popular choice in outerwear, it can be functional, stylish and are a classic choice. But most people don’t know how to care for and clean their leather coats.

If you’re wearing your leather coat in bad weather conditions or happen to have a spill or stain what are your options. There are a few ways to clean your leather coat, some of them without taking it to a dry cleaner, but you have to be careful. Knowing a few basics about leather can ensure you don’t damage your coat while trying to remove a stain or a spot.

If your coat is “finished” leather, you may be able to treat a stain with soap and water. To clean a stain bring a small amount of a gentle soap on a damp cloth to a lather, you can use soap such as Dove for this. Rub the stain or spot making sure you don’t use too much pressure or water. Wipe away the lather with a fresh damp cloth. Then polish with a dry towel and allow the coat to air dry. When the coat is completely dry treat it with a leather coat conditioner.

To avoid damaging your coat the most important thing to do is test it before you do it. You can test it on a small hidden patch of leather on the coat. Watch for any changes in appearance or color. Also remember to use as little water as possible; too much water will damage the leather. In addition avoid using products with mink oil and never apply shoe polish or waxes to your leather coat. These products leave a residue and an odor that may not go away. It’s best to buy products specifically made for conditioning leather coats and coats.

If your coat is unfinished leather, use saddle soap with a damp cloth to clean the spot or stain. Wipe away any lather and allow to air dry. After your coat is completely dry apply oil with a leather preservative.

If you are unable to clean the spot or stain with this method you will need to go to a dry cleaner that offers leather cleaning. Make sure you consult with the dry cleaner, some stains and spots cannot be removed. Discuss what you can expect, since many dry cleaners will not offer guarantees on leather cleaning.

With proper care your leather coat can last for years. And by using this method you’ll ensure that it will look good for as long as you have it, without breaking your budget.


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