Monday, December 18

Men From Shiloh: Nan Allen

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I’ve been having a bit of a Men from Shiloh marathon this morning and the latest episode I’m watching is Nan Allen.  This is yet another Stewart Granger centered episode, and, yes, he’s not in Medicine Bow.  The powers that be just wasted a pretty good group of regulars by separating them out.  Shows were largely away from the ranch and featuring just one of the regulars.  Perhaps it was more financial than anything else.

One of the most versatile and sought after TV actresses when this show aired was Diane Baker.  She was in just about every show there was at the time.  It was difficult to turn on the TV on any given night and not see her in something.  Among other appearances, she had the good luck to be in one of the most watched shows in history, the final episode of The Fugitive where she played Richard Kimble’s love interest.

In this show, she’s the title role of Nan Allen, a woman who claims to have been attacked by a man whom her brother eventually kills.  As always, her portrayal is alluring and compelling.

We did finally get to the Shiloh Ranch for part of the show, but there wasn’t a regular to be seen either than Granger’s ranch owner.  I didn’t like the love affair angle to the story, nor the use of Trampas’ theme music that played around it.
Naturally, there’s more to the story than what the audience is told at the beginning, but it’s also a little slow for me.  I’m not a fan of Granger; he tends to bore me, and not even Diane Baker or Tom Skerritt as her brother can overcome that.


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