Friday, December 15

Improve Your Debt to Income Ration

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Your credit score is not the only thing creditors look at when making a decision, they also look at your debt to income ratio. This is a comparison of the amount of income you make, and the personal debt that you have. If you can improve your debt to income ratio, you will increase your chances of getting financed for items.

Talk to any of your debtors to negotiate the amount you owe. You may be able to reduce the interest, remove some of the finance charges, or negotiate the payoff amount. This could reduce your debt.

Pay more then the minimum on your credit cards for a few months, or pay off a card or two. Credit cards tend to be one of the biggest things that hurt our debt to income ratio, try to pay them down.

Avoid building any more debt. You will be defeating the purpose of trying to improve your debt to income ratio if you continue to add debt.

Look at your credit report to find out if there are any debts on it that you may have forgotten about. There could be small medical bills or other items that you can pay off. You should also see if there is any inaccuracy. If there are you should dispute them so you can improve your debt to income ratio.

Find ways to increase your income. You may get a second job or find ways to make money from home. If you find it hard to pay off some of your debt at this time, increasing your income may be a great option for improving your debt to income ratio.


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