Tuesday, December 12

Men From Shiloh: Last of The Comancheros

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Men from Shiloh: Last of the Comancheros features an impressive cast for this 90 minute western episode.  Early on in The Virginian, the original version of this show, great cast stars were common.  In my view, they got away from that toward the end, but Men from Shiloh seems to have had some well constructed casts.

The performers here include Ricardo Montalban, Anthony Caruso, James Gregory, William Fawcett, Parley Baer, Beth Brickell, and ichard Van Vleet.  The main performer of the regulars is Stewart Granger, who plays the current owner of Shiloh, Colonel Alan MacKenzie.  He’s away from the ranch, naturally, to buy cattle when he gets involved with Brickell’s character, who is a writer and reporter.

The story itself does little to entertain me.  It’s nothing new with Brickell’s character establishing a relationship with Montalban’s.  This one doesn’t really have a happy ever after, though, and at the end, it’s hard to find the point of it all.

I did enjoy Caruso who had some life to his portrayal and provided a well balanced character.  He was fun to watch.

On the whole, I don’t have any desire to see this one again.  Brickell did okay, but as the show progressed, her character seemed to worsen.


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