Friday, December 15

Earn an Income as a Teen

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When you are a teen it can be much harder to get an income for the things you want. Once you reach a certain age most parents begin to want you to contribute in purchasing the items that you WANT, and do not necessarily need. You can make an income as a teen; you just have to look around for it.

Offer to do jobs in your neighborhood. You can offer your service for lawn care, child care, house sitting, pet sitting, wash cars, clean houses, etc. There are many options for you to earn an income in your neighborhood, if you are willing to work.

Referee for children’s sporting events in your community. If you have these sorts of events in your community they hire teens to referee, and they pay them a small amount. This is a great opportunity for teens to make an income during the summer months.

Look for businesses in your area that hire teens your age. I know that in my area teens can work as young as 14, with restrictions of course. Find these types of income opportunities if you are interested in earning an income.

You should also research online income opportunities for teens. There are many different online income opportunities; you just have to find the ones without that allow teens to earn an income.


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