Monday, December 11

Men From Shiloh: Hannah

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This episode of Men from Shiloh is called Hannah and features the young and talented Lisa Gerritson in the title role of Hannah Carson.  Gerritson was one of the most visible child stars in her day.  Her most well know portrayal was on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as the daughter of Phyllis (Cloris Leachman).

Gerritson really never played the cute and cuddly little girl, but rather the often precocious or more confident, determined, and streetwise persona. That’s what Hannah is, something we learn very quickly when her father, played by Warren Stevens, has an attack on the train.

Once again, this show is a solo effort for the actors who are part of this western series.  This time, it’s Doug McClure as Trampas who is featured.  For a hired hand, he sure gets a lot of time away from the ranch.

Also in this show is Susan Oliver, Peter Breck, J.D. Cannon, and Leo Gordon, so it’s quite an impressive showing.

Breck is quite fun to watch.  He’s one of the outlaws so to speak and has to deal with Hannah.  The scene with a couple of Indians is quite good.

My only problem is at the end.  We needed a better wrap up, one that included Stevens.


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