Sunday, December 17

Atvs: Big Boys Love Toys

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This thing takes out stress from work and other stressful activities. But one toy for the big boys have an edge for me, this is having an ATV.  There is nothing like riding your powerful ATV, doesn’t matter if it’s on the road, on the snow, on the beach or even on mud and dirt. Just riding it with the breeze of the wind running to your face together with you buddies and friends.

There are many type and models of ATVs it will depend on its power and speed. For your kids who want to enjoy ATVs the model for them is Bombardier DS90X ATVs. This is design for kids with typical valve specs for a small displacement. 4-stroke ATV design for little kids just like motorcycle and with a scooter engine are 0.0015-0.003″ specs for the intake and 0.004-0.006″ specs for the Exhaust. It also has features of double A-arm and with HPG piggyback shocks and a rear piggyback shock. Designed to be slower than the ATV for adults.

One model designed for the real big boys is Bombardier DS450 ATVs model. Having specs of 449cc makes it powerful for the enjoyment of the user. With single cylinder and DOHC4-valve also includes liquid-cooled Bore and having Stroke:97 x 60.8 mm. It has a wheelbase specs of (49.9in.(1.267m)Dryweight:345 lbs. (156.5 kg)). This ATV have many advantage like if consumes fuel less (Low fuel). It also have dual removable headlight with neutral light which switches when the engine is in normal power. Its suspension has Front KYB HPG piggyback suspension with high-speed & low-speed compression adjustments depending on speed. The wheels have a black aluminum rim with rings to reinforce it.  Its clutch has quick-adjust clutch cable and to have the finishing touches its seat cover is with x-package graphics. Most powerful ATV models is the Bombardier Outlander ATVs. Its displacement reached up to 800cc with 2 cylinders and V twin engine. Having a transmission of continuously variable (CVT) and also having 53.8 lbs torque. Instrumentations speedometer, tachometer and fuel level warning are in standard form. The rear wheels have a diameter of 12. Suspensions and steering have double A-arm and the rear suspension type is independent. Fuel tank capacity is 5.3 gallons. To make it elegant its sea is made up of vinyl and have a height of 877mm and having a seat type of two piece type.

Just having one of these ATVs will make you life more interesting. The x-tream blood will flow to your veins and make the hardcore child in you burst into flames. Even you a kid or a kid at heart you will enjoy having machine that will give you the ride of your life. In the cold snow up to ragged and dirty sand and mud ATVs surely have ride for you.


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