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Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Achievement Guide – Xbox 360

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Achievements: 39 (GP 1000)           

Offline: 36 (870)

Online: 3 (130)

Secret Achievements: 16 (S)

The Best way in my opinion to get all the achievements as quickly as possible is to complete them in the following order. This way you can start doing the storylines and Universe achievements while unlocking a few achievements that will come from naturally playing the game.

You want to start with the RTWM’s; most notably Christian. The reason for this is you can get the Time Machine which is available during all other RTWM’s and allows you to jump to any week during the storyline if you happen to miss some unlockables.

5-Second Pose (50)

Complete Christian’s Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.

Runaway Champ (50)

Complete Chris Jericho’s Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.

No More Mystery, Yo (50)

Complete Rey Mysterio’s Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.

Randy’s Fired (50)

Complete John Cena’s Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty.

Streak Breaker (50)

Complete the Vs. Undertaker Road to WrestleMania story on any difficulty

Once you’ve completed the RTWM’s you’ll want to create a wrestler so you can use him to complete the Universe achievements. While you at it you can create the following and assign to your wrestler to get 3 more achievements.

Creative With The Moves (10) (S)

Create a front; top rope and corner finishing move in Create A Finisher.

Sign Of The Times (10) (S)

Create an original crowd sign using the Paint Tool.

Original Brand Logo (10) (S)

Create an original brand logo using the Paint Tool.

Once your CAW is created the easiest and quickest way to get all the Universe achievements is to edit the superstars in “My Universe” and make your CAW hold which ever title you want to unlock. If you then jump forward to the next PPV and defend your championship, the achievement for that title will unlock. You’ll also begin unlocking arenas in this fashion. During the Wrestlemania PPV in “My Universe” you’re going to want to edit that match and add your CAW to the MITB match. Once you’ve won you can then cash it and win.

To get the “One Step Closer To The Gold (10) (S)” achievement you’re going to want to beat your own CAW so he loses the Championship. This should then make you CAW compete in a No. 1 Contenders match before the next PPV. Simply win this match to unlock.

Champion of Champions (50)

Using a created character, hold either the WWE or World Heavyweight title

US Champ (10)

Using a created character, win the United States Championship in WWE Universe

Intercontinental Champ (10)

Win the Intercontinental Championship in WWE Universe using a created character

Unified Tag Champs (10)

Win the Unified Tag Team titles in WWE Universe using a created character     

Mr. Money in the Bank (50)

Win the Money In The Bank match in WWE Universe using a created character    

A Successful Cash In  (20)

Cash in Money In The Bank in WWE Universe and win using a created character

One Step Closer To The Gold (10) (S)

Become no#1 contender for any title in WWE Universe using a Created Superstar

THQ Storytellers (10)

Create a story in Story Designer with at least 2 moments.

Way To Contribute (10) (Online)

Upload at least one item of created content to each category of Community Creations.

You can use the CAW, Paint Tool and Story that you’ve already created at this point. Simply create the rest and upload.

Created Wrestler
Created Moveset
Created Finisher
Paint Tool
Highlight Reel
Created Story

Next you have a few nic nak achievements as I call them. You should have already unlocked a few while doing all the above so simply move onto the next if you have. The order of these doesn’t matter. Doing the above achievements was just to help you on your way to getting some of the below.

The Magic Number (10) (S)

Win a match in which you successfully pin an opponent

Well Scouted (10) (S)

Reverse an opponent’s finishing move.

Pinning’s Not The Only Way (10) (S)

Win a match in which you successfully use a submission.

Button Mash Expert (10) (S)

Win a collar and elbow mini-game

The Excellence of Execution  (10)

Defeat 50 opponents using pin combination grapple moves.

These are all the grapple moves that flash up with a pin option as you do them. Win 50 times using these types

Worth Having To Re-Climb (10) (S)

Perform a successful ladder finishing move

Caught Slipping (10)

Win a match in which you successfully use a leverage pin

This is best done on legend difficulty for reversal purposes. If you play against Christian after he’s taken a beating. Throw him against the ropes and keep grappling him on the way back. He will at some point reverse the move and turn it into a pin. All you have to do is reverse the pin into your own pin (Stop in the yellow part) and get the win.

Backstage Fisticuffs (10)

During a backstage brawl, string 3 environmental grapple combos in succession

This achievement can be unlocked at the same time as ‘Power Of The Punch’. First, set up a backstage match with the KO option on. Make sure it is Locker Room A. Then, keep irish whipping your opponent into the TV in the centre of the room (this will unlock ‘Backstage Fisticuffs’) then hit your opponent with a Strong Strike or two for the KO and for the ‘Power Of The Punch’ achievement.

Power Of The Punch  (10)

Win a match in which you successfully KO an opponent using a strong strike.

Check for Splinters (10) (S)

Put an opponent through a table using a corner top grapple move.

Injure your opponent then put a table near the turnbuckle. Throw  your opponent into the corner, and lift them up on the turn buck then move the right analog stick in any direction to use a grapple move. If the table was positioned correctly, they will go through the table.

Chairs Upside Your Head (20) (S)

Destroy 50 chairs

Unhealthy Obsession With Wood (20) (S)

Destroy 50 tables

Please Don’t Try This at Home (50) (S)

Push an opponent off a ladder, so they fall out of the ring and through a table

Place a table outside and place the ladder in the ring near the ropes. Make your opponent go to the side you’re not going to climb, then run around and climb the other side – your opponent should climb the ladder. As he’s climbing, jump off and wait ‘till he’s reached the top then throw the ladder so he falls out of the ring and through the table.

That’ll Shorten Your Career (10) (S)

During a Hell in a Cell match, perform a wall destroying finisher

The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels achievements are simple enough. If you having difficulty getting them on the legend setting you can edit the AI’s reversals in the games options.

Talk About Resilient (20)

Kick out of The Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver finisher on Legend difficulty

For Whom the Bell Tolls (20)

Pin or submit Undertaker in the WrestleMania arena on Legend difficulty

Thank You Shawn (20)

Defeat Shawn Michaels in the WrestleMania arena on Legend difficulty as Undertaker

The Two Rumble achievements online can be done at the same time. If you get a friend online and create a private session with just the two of ye, then the two of ye can double-team everyone till the end and eliminate your friend. You can then return the favour.

Win Or Lose, At Least You Tried (20) (S) (Online)

Play a Royal Rumble match on Xbox LIVE to its conclusion

The Last Man Standing (100) (Online)

Win a Royal Rumble match on Xbox LIVE.

A Student Of The Game (10)

Complete 50% of the tips in the Practice Arena.

Magna Cum Laude (50)

Complete all of the tips in the Practice Arena.

Keeping using the checklist to complete.

(My WWE > Practice Arena > Practice Checklist)

Man of 1004 Holds (100) (S)

Perform a total of 1004 signature and finishing moves in an mode of play.

Yes….this HAS to be done with the ONE wrestler in the ONE match. Very time consuming but very doable. 

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