Friday, December 15

The Question on Virginity

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Virginity is always treated as a possession of Women towards her purity.  No matter the level of modernity has touched our life, but the question of Virginity is always stuck with the Women towards her moral eligibility for her social contract, i.e. marriage. 

When Marriage is a social contract towards procreation, how the virginity was commanded from the society from Women’s community and was not mandatory for men? The purity of woman to get into a social contract to remain focused on her man so that she does not get deviate from her social responsibility, i.e. nurturing of the family.  Women being a Micro regime, the concept of virginity make her into the command of her man that is responsible towards her provision and protection.  The protection is not just a physical invasion, but also towards to protect her virginity.  Hence, the concept of Virginity of Women makes man and woman both responsible towards their matrimonial responsibilities.

But, the crisis comes, when there is a threat to the Virginity of Women, i.e. pre-marital and post marital relationships.  Rapes and Child abuse is the area, where the sexual stimulation is exercised by Men of any age at the cost of the Virginity of woman, which is an essential element for them commanded by the society to maintain the social harmony.

Woman virginity is always challenged by Men in various means, i.e. exploitation at home, human trafficking, sale of female child to brothel, etc.  These heinous acts are conducted by the Community itself, who clam the virginity of women is much essential.

It is very difficult to digest the incidents of child rape of minor children, whose not only physical purity is smashed, but also get into a psychological damage.  In that case, how the society should react on the Virginity of those females who have been abused children.  Does virginity is only vigilant towards sexual intercourse or damage of hymen?  How the society will justify the virginity, when a girl is molested by her own blood relations, i.e. father raping her daughter or distance relations?

The Society gives mute acceptability for men towards multiple relationships, but these multiple relationships become threat to the virginity of women. 

In present time, the premarital sex and teen abortion is becoming a routine in the wake of Liberalism.  Is it an indication that the concept of Virginity is eroding?  Does it also signify that the shrinking of social system and social accountability?

It is that the Society has accepted the evils that are a threat to the virginity of women as a part of life.  Is it also signifying the erosion of manhood of the society, who fails to protect the virginity of women?  Is it the cause of rising concept of alternate relationship or prostitution within marriage due to shrinking social system?

Has the Society lost its Virginity in the Wake of Liberalism and Loss of Manhood? 


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