Thursday, December 14

God’s Gift a Manger Messiah

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“He came to His own,” the gospel says,

And the pity, “His own accepted Him not.”  

But Mary with deep faith and tender love,

Through the Spirit, God’s Son begot.

The humble shepherds heard angels sing;

They believed the “gospel” and came running!

To see the Babe with the sign of clothes,

Lying in the manger with a human smile!

In David’s town did Jesus come,

Far from home, the child was born.

Neither priest nor scribe did see,

Yet, poor shepherds adored him at dawn.

History waited for thousands of years,

To be freed from the fetters of human sins

The promise of God was guiding Israel

With a hope of dawn to make them free!

The wise men came with wondrous gifts,

To see and honor the Babe of Star,

Their wisdom and research did show them the Truth  

Since straightforward heart can find in depth!

The scholars at Herod’s court could find some truth,

But dared not they to search for the Babe;

Is it fear or negligence that blinded them?

Then why couldn’t “His own” meet Messiah?

The Word became flesh when time was ripe,

At the margins- He was laid in a manger;

God’s choice isn’t what man expects,

God loves orphan, widow and stranger!

A manger-Messiah is God’s Christmas gift,

Unto us a child is given, to make the shift:

“My soul magnifies the Lord,” Mary sang,

“For, the poor and lowly my child will lift!”


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