Wednesday, December 13

Choosing The Right Ski Pole

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Ski poles are very much used by skiers for proper timing and balancing. During the earlier times, Ski poles were just poles made of either bamboos or sticks. After the bamboo poles, steel ski poles were used. And now the latest poles are made of aluminium and composite materials.

The right type of Ski pole is very much needed for a better skiing. The poles play a very significant part in skiing. The poles should always be chosen considering the terrain and the nature of the snow. Moreover, the length of the ski poles also has an important role to play in good skiing.

Not all poles are good for all skiers. A skier should only choose poles that fit him.

A skier going for Alpine skiing should always have poles that give good bending position around the body in a tuck position. This is needed for lowering the air drag. In alpine poles, the All Mountain Poles are the most popular.  These ski poles come with a straight shaft and a wide basket. Then there is the Big Mountain Poles used in Alpine skiing. The only difference between All Mountain and Big Mountain poles is that the later one comes with a wider basket than the other.

Skiers going for high speed skiing should have poles that give maximum speed and good balance. The racing poles are good for these types of skiers. When Skiers are in the bend position, the racing poles give a bent shaft position, which helps in the smooth sailing through the slopes.

In cross-country skiing, the Nordic poles are much preferred. The Nordic poles are longer than other poles. For sailing down the slopes in a better way, the Backcountry poles are the best. These poles have large baskets and helps better in going through hard snow. Backcountry poles, also called touring poles, are telescopic. This means that the poles could be adjusted according to the slope level and also the snow condition. The length is also adjustable in these poles. 


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