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Choose The Door For Your House

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The beauty of the door and the door as an important option in the dignified appearance of the house. The design and location of the door should be carefully planned so as to conform with the building wall systems. Selection of the main entrance door is particularly important as a focal point before proceeding to the residence.

Here are the types of gates that can be taken : –

1. Metal door

– Strong security features.

– More subjective to change or dimensions or condition of a room.

– Can be produced either traditional or modern character.

2. Glass doors

– Metal-framed glass doors or wood also works and is often used to allow views directly to the outside or into the space.

– Allow expansion effects of space as the door is no longer a barrier in the area.

– Can be decorated with colored glass (stained glass) with natural patterns or stylized geometric patterns.

3. Door berpenal

– Synonymous with traditional doors.

– Design of safety-conscious features as solid wood.

– Suitable for external doors except for the internal doors are concerned with eternal salvation.

4. Door uniform

– Made with two ways of solid wood core and hollow core.

– Door uniform of solid wood core is very strong because it is made by combining wood glued.

– The door of this type can be used on external doors apart for the use of fire resistant doors.

5. Plastic Door

Bathroom-Door uses a lot of doors for easy maintenance of plastic and damp resistant.

Plastic-sliding doors are also often used in the internal space between the alternative of providing various construction and design of the door at home.

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