Friday, December 15

Polaroid T1232 My First Digital Cam

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In my link post, I mentioned that I have been admiring the photos in National Geographics. However, I have never had a camera of my own. However, since I have joined Redgage about seven months ago and started to view and enjoy the works of some amateur,proffesional a hobbyist photographers, my desire to have a camera of my own grew.

My problem however, I cannot afford even an entry level DSLR camera. So I thought, I might as well start with an affordable yet good quality digital camera that can store high resolution pix. So when I got an extra cash of about $120, I bought a Polaroid t1232 digital camera.  Which can capture photos upto 12 Megapixel resolution and 3x Optical zoom. I was particular on choosing optical zoom than digital zoom plus the video is a good 30 fps(frames per second).

For a very affordable digital camera, I was satisfied with the quality of the photos that I can take with it. I was able to take action shots like this on a baskbetball game. 

I have also shots taken during a volleyball game. With its burst mode, I can take a series of shots within a few seconds.. though it’s way far too slow to compared to the burst shot of canon’s EOS60. But again for its price, it’s good enough for me.

The biggest surprise however when I tried it to photograph raindrops. I was amazed to see that it’s almost like a good “stop action” photograph. Se the photos I uploaded on Redgage here:

My desire for an entry DSLR however is still growing, hopefully with the photos I take with this digital camera, I will be able to earn and save enough cash through Redgage and Bukisa so that I will be able to buy my own DSLR camera.


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