Tuesday, December 12

Promotion Strategy : I Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine

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This is the most amazing promotional strategy, don’t believe it? Try it; it works even when you are sleeping. Well it’s not that awesome as you can get something from the title I scratch yours and you scratch mine. The basic thing you need to learn about promoting is to get into the people, interactive with them, talk to them not in real but virtually. As you know that the most of the traffic comes from google.com, google.uk and others developed countries. So what you need to do is go and interact with them virtually because if you are from some other country it’s not possible that you go out and started flying banners around USA. So what you need to do is go out virtually I mean check out the blogs, forums website and comment on it. Comment only on the related topic of your website is about or your blog is about saying like “it’s nice to know, it’s pretty impressive but what do you think about this “your article or website (whatever you wants to give)” and then paste the link of your blog or website. Make your comment sounds fun and amazing so that people will be curious to check it out. You checked his blog and it’s his turn to checks yours so basically it’s the, I scratch your back and you scratch my back thing. Don’t forget to subscribe him too because if you got lucky he will subscribe you too so whenever you post something new in your blog he will got a news update about it, that your website has an interesting article and if he might be interested he will eventually check it. Well this not the only benefit of this strategy, when you comment on someone others website, blog or even forum don’t forget that he/she is getting viewers too. He/she had traffic, so who ever viewing that article may be reading your comment too, so let’s say if he/she clicks the link in your comment . You got a viewer man, well though it’s kind of tiring, scratching someone’s back but it’s a long-term investment because his/her website, blog  is going to be there if he/she really into it and same goes for the forum. So it’s a onetime investment. But people don’t forgot the most important thing don’t go for losers. I meant to say don’t go writing comments in blogs where there is no traffic. Go writing comments on the blogs or website that are update or there Alexa ranking is good. By updated I meant there should a continuous flow of articles in a time period. So here is the awesome promotional strategy “I Scratch your back and you scratch mine”.

Happy scratching.


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