Tuesday, December 12

Link Bucks Make a Fortune

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If you own a website and want a bit of extra cash then there is nothing wrong in trying this pay per click site “Link Bucks.com”. The marketing strategy or funda of the site is simple for every impression on their link they will pay you an amount. They pay you per impression; well I can say it’s pretty good. Have you tried to promote your website or blog? Or anything likes video, images, any file? I hope so that you did. That’s what all this about? Just promote, promote and promote. In simple words you don’t have to do anything extra as you are already working on promoting your site, your files, your articles or anything in the web? Just use the site to convert your site link, your file link, your article link or anything in the web page into a paying link and then promote that link.

What this site basically does is take the link of your article, image or anything and convert into a redirect link and when you try to open that redirected link, it will redirect you to the original link you used but with a little bit of tweaks in it. The tweaks are it will show ads when you opened the link, the ads can be on top, side, lower or even at the intermission (by intermission ad means you will have a full page ad and if you choose to skip the ad then you will be redirected to your article, site or whatever link given by you). You can choose where to put the ad on the redirected link of yours. That means you have full control over the ad appearance.

So it’s kind of fun as you don’t have to do anything because you are already doing it. Get it? So strategy is, the more the clicks on your redirected or paying link the more money you will earn. But people let me tell you it pays you per click so don’t expect a high price; you can say it’s just an extra cash for doing nothing. Many people use the paying link as a signature for their blogs, website cause basically the link is really opening your webpage with the top ads or side ads or intermission ads. So there are two counts

1.       You are getting impression on your blog, website too.

2.       You are getting impression on the paying link too.

The ways of using the link can be multiplied by your intelligence too. You just to need to think, Suppose you are writing an article and on a word you need to link something then use the paying link, well it will do the same trick opening the content you want to tag but it’s also paying you too. So rather than linking some random link which is not compulsory for you to link, you are just linking it for a referral. Instead of that use the Link bucks paying linking and get paid. More over the Alexa ranking for the site is below 400. So you can expect high from the site “LINK BUCKS”. So roll over and join it.

Well it’s good news for those whose traffic comes Canada, USA, Russia because the performance payment from these countries are quite high so you can make easy money targeting Canada, USA and Russian peoples. So far there is no abuse about the site and it’s paying its customers so far too. So I will say once again nothing bad comes from trying but till you don’t overdo it.

The minimum payout for the site is low too it’s just $5. May be its low because they don’t think you can earn that much too, just kidding.

Happy linking.


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