Monday, December 11

Dead Sexy

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Katerina knew the day would drag on.  Tedium took over once her work day was over.  She left the supper club at three that afternoon, was still wearing her cocktail dress attire.  She had lost contact with the universe.  She’d cut herself off from everyone she loved.  Her family and friends were now a distant memory.  She left the supper club feeling empty.  Her self-imposed isolation was slowly draining her.

She snagged the hem of her red mini dress on a park bench, drained the rest of her luke warm coffee from a styrofoam cup.  She tossed the empty cup in the trash, suddenly felt a strange presence, and quickly whirled around on her high heels.  The unexpected and swift appearance of her dagger was enough to catch the man off guard, and he quickly stepped back away from her while he spoke in defense. 

“Calm down, lady.”  His hands thrust out in reassurance that he meant her no harm.  “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

He was definitely threatening, and she suddenly felt self-conscious about her appearance.  For he was dead sexy, tall, handsome, and well-proportioned.  With her perception as intense as it was, she should have sensed his presence before he got the chance to reach her proximity.

“Bar hopping, huh?” she asked, relaxing her stance and noticing his business attire.  “Not bar hopping.  Taking a break from the office, am I right?”  She was still trying to figure out how he had gotten so close without her noticing, but was unable to concentrate because of the shift in color of his eyes from dark brown to emerald-green.  She was seeing things.

He stood six-feet-three-inches tall, had a strong muscular build that didn’t expand beyond its limit.  He had a pale cream-colored complexion, flawless, and slicked-back dark-brown hair.  His face was the epitome of manly mischief, an aquiline nose, full well-formed lips.  He wore a black suit jacket over a crisply-pressed gray button-down shirt and black tailored slacks that sculpted his long legs.  She saw the hint of fangs when he flashed a smile.

“You’re a day walker, aren’t you?  So am I.  My name is Katerina, Katerina Severin.”

He lifted her hand, kissed the back of it by way of greeting.  “I am Devon Bettencourt.”


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