Friday, December 15

Guaranteed Money Making Guide – No Start up Cost

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Here is my guaranteed money making guide that I used to use, and make a little bit of money with before I moved on to bigger and better things.

With this method, you will need a YouTube account(s) and Camtasia. Bookmark these two websites as well:

1) Around 9-12 central time start checking these two website multiple times an hour.
2) When they upload the new songs for the day, download the ‘Very Hotttt’ ones from and the one with the three flames on (You can do them all, but the Very Hotttt and 3 Flame songs always do the best, obviously…)
3) After you have downloaded the songs, go to Camtasia and upload the song, and add a picture of the artist/group and press produce song.
4) After the song is finished being rendered, you need to go to YouTube and upload the song to your account.
5) For the song, just put the original song name, and for the description, you should put the keyword multiple times (I usually copy and pasted it three times). E.g. If the song is Chris Brown – Deuces (Remix) featuring Drake, Rick Ross, T.I. and Andree 3000, you would want to put this as the title, but for the description you will see the best results for doing this:
Chris Brown – Deuces (Remix)
Chris Brown – Deuces (Remix)
Chris Brown – Deuces (Remix)
OR you can do the full name with all the artist’ on the first line and then follow it with that.
NOTE: If the song says, Matched Third Party Content or anything about copyright, delete the whole song right away, because you will eventually get the video taken down, and three copyright strikes gets your account deleted.
6) After you have uploaded the song, you add annotations to the song, promoting anything you wish.

Depending on the popularity of the song and if your video goes viral or not, you could be getting as many as 100k views to your video, and having an annotation promoting whatever you wish, definitely drives some traffic to your website. Don’t think that this method is going to make you rich, BUT it will definitely make you some money and the more you do, the more money you will make.


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