Friday, December 15

Why Do Homecomings And Batch Reunions Scare The Hell Out of People?

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We can’t erase the fact that most of us want to reminisce our younger years, especially those wild and free days in school, that this reminiscence results to the assembly of alumni homecomings and batch reunions. Joining and mingling with folks we used to be with are really fun and enjoyable. Yet, this is not true for some. They dread the day they see a Facebook wall post informing them of a coming school batch get together. For the organizers and the ones who enjoy gatherings, it is unexplainable why one should hate to go in such an event.

Usually, here are some of the reasons why some people don’t like reunions:

1. They think reunions is just an event full of bragging and boasting.  They feel uneasy when someone shows off how he got successful, and conversations with other equally successful folks is like a flip-top exhibition of arrogance — how much they earn, what assets they have, how dashing their other halves are, and in what places they afforded to travel.

2. They feel out-of-place in the reunions.  Not every one of us achieved something great in finances and social standing. Other can only brag of having a peaceful life and a loving family. Aside from that they do not have any prized possessions a few can boast of. And the people who achieved something great usually are the ones who flock in reunions, disregarding other batch mates who didn’t achieve that much.

3. They can’t afford the contributions for the reunions. Some get – together events ask the members of the batch to pay certain fees for the event to push through. Sometimes, the price is unbearable for a commoner to afford. Instead of paying for the event, they will just keep the money to support another meal of their family.

4. They hide some deep dark secrets. A few who experienced really traumatizing and embarrassing experience after the graduation hinders them from participating in get – togethers. They do not want their batch mates to know what happened.

5. They have an enemy in the batch / school bully whom they don’t want to see again — ever. A few people still hold grudges for their classmates who wronged them during their younger years, and believe it or not, they prefer to hold on to those grudges until their death. Seeing the same person whom you loathed very much on a reunion and know how much he improved cuts through your ego.

6. They are too far away. Distance hinders some of the batch members to participate — may they be working overseas or already a resident / citizen there. It’s not easy to process papers and fly for hours just for a single day event.

7. They think they are uglier now than before.It’s embarrassing if you can hear side comments saying “you look fat now!” or “what happened to you? You look old and ugly!”. It hurts the ego and the esteem.


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