Monday, December 11

Al Qaeda Never Existed Until America Created it

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Many people think that Osama Bin Laden is the head of an organization called Al Qaeda, but this is not true at all, at least, it wasn’t true when they first said it.

Osama Bin Laden does have connections to terrorists, but only financially. He may have funded the 9/11 attacks, or he may not have.

The people who carried out the attacks were not Al Qaeda, and they were not part of any large organized group at all. They were just a small group of fundamentalists with no connection to any group.

The US needed an organization to go after, as they couldn’t just go after an idea, or people who didn’t like them, so they made up Al Qaeda, because it justified going to war.

Osama Bin Laden became the spokesman, and gave himself the title of the leader of Al Qaeda, because that’s what he thought the Americans were calling him.

This has actually led to the creation of a fragmented group of splinter cells all over the world who now like to identify themselves as Al Qaeda, when there was no group of that name in those countries before.

The US have created Al Qaeda, and where did they get this falsified information from? The name Al Qaeda means “the camp” and it was the name given to a group of fighters in the war between Russia and Afghanistan, and has nothing to do with the forming international group now calling themselves Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda as we now know it never existed until America created it. Take a look at this You Tube video, it explains things better than I can.



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