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Change Computer Sounds

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Change computer sounds

You can have your computer play a sound when certain events occur on your computer. (An event can be an action that you perform, such as logging on to your computer, or an action that your computer performs, such as alerting you when you receive new e‑mail.) Windows comes with several sound schemes (a collection of related sounds) for common events. Additionally, some desktop themes have their own sound schemes.

To change a sound scheme
Click to open Sound.

Click the Sounds tab.

In the Sound Scheme list, click the sound scheme that you want to use, and then click OK.

To get a sense of what a sound scheme is like, click a scheme. In the Program Events list, click different events, and then click Test to hear how each one sounds in that scheme.

To change one or more sounds
Click to open Sound.

To change one sound, click the Sounds tab, and then, in the Program Events list, click the event that you want to assign a new sound for.

In the Sounds list, click the sound that you want to associate with the event, and then click OK.

If the sound you want to use isn’t listed, click Browse to locate it.

To change more than one sound, follow the steps above, but click Apply after clicking each sound, until you’ve made all the changes you want, and then click OK.

To preview any sound in the Program Events list, click the sound, and then click Test.

When you change one or more event sounds, a new sound scheme is automatically created, and is given the same name as the current scheme, but with “(modified)” added. For example, if the current scheme is Sonata, and you change one or more sounds, the new scheme is called Sonata (modified). The original sound scheme is preserved with its original name.


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