Monday, December 18

How do You Get Out of Giving Christmas Presents?

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Many people are going to be seriously struggling this Christmas, with the global recession still making things hard for a lot of families all over the world.

Christmas can make poor people feel cheap if they cannot afford to give gifts to each other, so I want everyone to be aware that if you have a friend who is struggling financially, you should let them know that you are perfectly fine with them not giving you a gift.

Children in particular can put a lot of pressure on a family nearing bankruptcy at Christmas, because they don’t understand money, and how hard some people have to work for it.

How do you get out of giving gifts at Christmas? One idea is just to tell everyone you can’t afford it. If that doesn’t work for you, tell them you converted to Scientology.

People get too caught up with the fake sentimentality of Christmas. It has nothing to do with anything religious if that’s what you’re thinking, and the only reason most people even turn up is because they’re expected to.

To get out of giving Christmas gifts, you just don’t give Christmas gifts, or give really cheap ones, and then, the rest of it is all about how much you care about what people’s reactions might be.

If people think you’re cheap, then screw them, it’s a recession. If you have the money, then you should give practical gifts, like money, to those who need it, and if you don’t have money, you should feel grateful to accept the gift, not obligated to give a gift you can’t afford in return.

Does this make sense?


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