Friday, December 15

Al Kabeer Ready- To- Eat Premium Chicken Salami

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I was looking for crab sticks but was not able to find it so I end up buying chicken salami for dinner. I know that chicken salami is best serve also during breakfast but since I do wanted to cook easy to prepare foods, I was convinced to buy chicken salami of Al Kabeer.

What I like in Al Kabeer Ready to eat chicken salami was that the taste was really unique unlike any other chicken salami that I have bought in the past. This chicken meat was without any added preservatives or color. It was really sliced in thin so I can cook it very well and you don’t need to use much oil when frying.

The taste of Al Kabeer chicken salami was somewhat barbecue in flavor and I really like it when I am savoring the taste because it matches perfectly to any sautéed vegetable dish that I cook. In fact, I can slice the salami into bits and put it along with any vegetable dishes that I like.

By the way, the packaging of Al Kabeer chicken salami was really impressive because it was vacuum fresh and double secured which is tightly sealed pack. The price was also affordable since 150 grams of it was costing Rs 54.00 or equivalent to $1.31 which is already a discounted price since the regular price of it was Rs 58.00 and I was able to save some money.

Al Kabeer ready to eat premium chicken salami are round in shapes which is perfect to put on any sandwich of your choice be it a round bun or a tasty dinner bread. It is also perfect to include on any finger foods for party. I recommend Al Kabeer premium chicken salami on everyone who likes to serve good quality meats at a very affordable price.


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