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I have joined Bukisa at Nov 21, 2010, and it is already for 18 days from now.  I think that is a stressful begining because it really take a lot of brainstorming for writting just one content.  Now I have written 18 contents and about 350 reading from all around the world and it will be still growing.  I will keep working hard and smart and I would like to thank you for anyone who have given me support here, especially all of my friends from Bukisa.

Here are the 3 most popular contents

  1. How to be the most strongest leader at Crime City-Facebook – 142 views
  2. When will be the best time to purpose to her – 78 views
  3. Get a girlfriend with very limited resources and time – 87 views

And I got the most views referred by those website

  1. Yahoo! Answers – 161 views

  2. Facebook – 93 views

  3. Google Search – 24 views

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I feel it is a good idea to set a goal for myself to write at least 3 contents every week, because I have a full time job and a family to take care.  And I am hoping that I will at least have $50 monthly cashflow from Bukisa within a year.

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Finally I think Bukisa is a wonderful place for anyone who want to be success on making money by writing great content to help the others to solve the problem.  So good luck to all of us and have a happy time for writing.

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