Saturday, December 16

Was Jesus Really Born on Christmas Day?

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Was Jesus really born on Christmas day? No he wasn’t. Christmas is a recycled version of an ancient Roman festival called Saturnalia.

Saturnalia first started being celebrated around the year 217 BC. It was originally celebrated for one day on December the 17th, but then people continued the celebration until the 23rd, or even until the end of the year.

Efforts by Roman emperors like Augustus and Caligula to shorten the celebration resulted in outrage and revolts from the citizens, and so Saturnalia is with us still.

The Christmas tree is a new version of an old Saturnalia tradition where tree branches and crops were brought into the house because it was thought this would encourage the spirits to make the next year’s crops grow better.

As for the actual day Jesus was born on, they can’t even agree on the exact year. The Roman calendar was still being developed at the time, and there were a different amount of days in the year, and even a different amount of months.

Jesus doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas day, and he never mentioned anything about it. Christmas is never mentioned in the bible anywhere, it is simply a holiday celebration for the sake of it, adapted from the Roman festival Saturnalia.


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