Sunday, December 17

Cashium Scam or Legit?

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Cashium is a PTC site that offers new dimension in the realm pf PTC. That is what they are claiming. But on what I have researched, a new admin is managing this site. The previous admin did not properly manage the site leaving the works on reviving the site to James the sites new admin.

The early fall down of the site would make it not a good choice among new comers to PTC.  But the new features of the site are doing its best on getting the customers on the flow again. The new features include higher power earning for standard members. A lot changes are expected to the site since we may expect very well that the past design of the PTC system was not that effective so I guess they really have to make a big overhaul on the entire system.

One thing I don’t like about the new admin is that they are washing there hands on the issues unsolved on the last administration, claiming they have no link or relationship with them last admin. It this really true, or they are just trying to save themselves from more problems to fix?

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