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Traditional Hindu Marriage

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There is well said in Hindu Religion that “Weddings is made in Haven”.  Wedding is the beautiful start of a new life. Especially for the Hindu brides, who enter in to the new life with many dreams in her eyes and leave her all childhood things behind in her parents’ home and make the new world with herlife partner. This is the ceremony where Hindu bride and groom promises to live together as a lifelong partnership and always support each other in their happiness as well as in sorrows.

Hindu religion has its own rituals and customs like for the Hindu bride red color is closely associated with weddings. It is an auspicious color that signifies prosperity, happiness and good destiny. It is to be said that the newlywed Hindu bride brings forth good destiny along with her as she weds and becomes a precious part of the groom’s family.

Truly it’s the joyful and colorful day for a Hindu bride and groom. No doubt, on the time of the marriage money flows like water of river.  There are lots of ceremonies in theHindu marriage. Of course depends upon the ones social and financial status. Some pre marriage ceremonies are engagement, or ring ceremony in the presence of all family members, then the daybefore marriage, the ‘mehendi’ or henna night for the Hindu bride where her hands and foots will paint with beautiful design of mehendi  and then turmeric ceremony will be conducted for both Hindu bride and groom.  

At last the wedding day comes where Hindu bride and groom following the traditional rituals with ceremony of vows and blessed by the elders and priest for successful and prosperous married life.

But the ceremonies will not end here. Some post marriage rituals are vidaai ceremony, weddingreception party, a party is given to the some close friends and family member by the groom’s family. . Here only wedding ceremonies were end but the real life of Hindu bride and groom will begin now as a husband and wife.  

At last we can say that the fashion changes time to time but some traditional rituals will remain same.


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