Saturday, December 16


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                 I am a person who really values sports. I play many sports such as: volleyball, badminton, golf, basketball and beach volleyball.  These sports are all fun to play and work up a sweat, but one game sticks out above the rest.  The game is called Tchoukball.

                 Playing Tchoukball is possibly the most fun I’ve ever had.  The game is played 9 vs 9 on a large court.  The objective of the game is to bounce a ball, in between the sizes of a softball and a volleyball, off of a Tchouk (little trampoline) and have it hit the court without the other team catching it.  This may seem easy, but the trampolines are on an angle so that the ball typically arcs in the air.  A player is only allowed three steps with the ball before they must either shoot or pass.  There are two Tchouks, one on either side of the court.  Each team is allowed to shoot at either Tchouk.  This means if one team shoots the ball and the other team catches it, they can immediately throw the ball right back at the Tchouk. 

                If you put forth a good effort, Tchoukball is one of the most intense games you will ever play.  It made me work up quite a sweat and when the bell rang to end gym class I was devastated.  Tchoukball is a very exciting, fast-paced team and I hope that it grows into a bigger sport across North America.


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