Thursday, December 14

Pure Evil

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After seeing previews for this show on Space channel I was quick to tune into the program. The show is about a book called the Book of Pure Evil. It’s at a highschool called Crowly high school and it goes to students in need. The students may want to become a heavy metal god, or wanting to be the smartest in the school. The book offers that but with a price. Sure you may become a metal god but your amazing skills will make everyone who hears you bleed and you may be the smartest kid in school but that’s only because this weird smoke makes everyone else in the school dumb. With the book on the loose in his school Todd as well as his friends Jenny, Curtis, Hannah and occasionally his school guidance counselor Atticus. Jenny is after the book because her father was researching it when he dissapeared and Atticus wants the book because the secret Satan society he belongs to wants it for themselves. along the journey they deal with relationships jealousy and the events the book throws their way. They also recieve advice from Jimmy the Janitor and the three metal guys (Eddie, Rob and Brody) that hangout by the high school.The show has comedy and gore and an amazing cast. Alex House plays the title role and his co stars are Maggie Castle as Jenny, Bill Turnbull as Curtis, Melanie Leishman as Hannah, Chris Leavins as Atticus, Jason Mewes as Jimmy, Dan Petronijevic as Brody, Steve Arbuckle as Rob and Norman Yeung as Eddie The show is so funny, I love watching it and it’s shot in Canada. I would reccomend this show to my friends and I have. I really hope this show can be on the air for a few seasons. Season one just finished, and i’m really hoping there will be a second and so forth but only time will tell.


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