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About Bodyguards in Zygna's Mafia Wars Game on Facebook

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Bodyguards are an item in the ever-popular Facebook game Mafia Wars by Zynga.  Classed in the game as a type of armour (after all Bodyguard’s are there to protect you) they are also a requirement in order to be able to do four of the New York jobs.  Body Guard’s grant a bonus of eight to your attack and twenty-five to your defence if used by you or a member of your Mafia whilst fighting other Mafia War players (the game automatically selects the best items useable for you however).  They can be found in your Inventory under Loot (as they are looted from a specific job) somewhere down in the Armour section.

They can be gained in one of two ways firstly from the Protect your City against a Rival Mob job in the Hitman level of jobs in the New York jobs section; this requires you to be at least level twenty-two.   The Protect your City against a Rival Mob job costs thirty-one energy to complete each time you decide to do it.  It also requires you to have ten Chain Guns, five Getaway Cruisers and two Town Cars.  Every time you complete it gives you fifty-six experience and two million and four hundred and sixty four thousand dollars as well as the chance of additional loot.  Note that though the chance of getting a Bodyguard as loot is high it is just that a chance so it may take you several attempts to get one (note four Bodyguard’s is the optimum number to aim for as this is the most you need for any job).

Bodyguard’s can also be send as gifts from friendly players in your Mafia whom have too many or have past the New York jobs where they are a requirement. So if you have a friend or two on Mafia Wars ask them to see if they will send you one.  This method also removes the element of chance.  You can also add them to your wish list and hope someone send you some.

Bodyguards are required for four future jobs at higher levels starting at Capo level with two jobs and two Bodyguards are needed for both of these, the jobs in question are Recruit a Rival Crew Member and Whack a Rival Crew Leader.  There are also a further two jobs at the Boss level that require you to have four Bodyguards these are Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don and Take Control of a Casino.


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