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Soneva Kiri Koh Kood Thailand: A Stay Option With Many Pleasant Surprises

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Thailand in recent years has gained a great deal of popularity as being a very interesting travel destination.  In fact the Thai area has provided other geographic locations very healthy competition as a (foremost) travel destination.  That said, my travel companion and I found ourselves (most recently) visiting Koh Kood where we booked fashionable accommodations at Soneva Kiri. 

In this reviewer’s opinion:  Soneva Kiri is “not to be overlooked” when seeking a well-appointed, first class  stay option on Koh Kood Thailand.

By definition Soneva Kiri is one of Thailand’s foremost resort locations.  In fact, Soneva Kiri has earned the reputation of being one of the best resorts within Southeast Asia.  The transport to the resort is absolutely fascinationg and you won’t soon forget it:  It is something that can be likened to an experience right out of a “James Bond” flick.  First you land on an airstrip that is completely private at Koh Mai Si.  Next you are taken by motorized transport to a spectacular cove setting.  Persons get around (the resort) by means of a golf cart.

My favorite aspect of the resort is that all accommodations are built taking into account the eco-friendliness of the (resulting) construction(s).  The resort is located on the farthest northern point of the island and takes up the entire area.  The villa accommodations are comprised of bamboo; pine and eucalyptus (wood) construction.  You may book a villa that overlooks a beach (which by the way is private as opposed to public); or accommodations that sit on hill-tops.

Our villa was large enough for a number of persons.  We were provided with a dressing area; an area to dine; and a pool.  Also in keeping with the eco-friendly theme; the dining options at the resort were seriously health-conscious.  We were provided with organic veggies grown in gardens on the grounds of the resort; and to my companion’s delight:  a most substantial wine list.

Needless to say, everything provided is what you would expect from a top-notch resort environment.  A “cool” aspect of the resort’s dining scene is its tree-top pod.  Also when you order your meal there is no need to worry about restricitons since the veggies and meal will be prepared to your liking. 

Our room was located on hillside.  The surrounding walls of our villa’s bedroom were made of the best bamboo.  The ceiling was very high.  Netting was suspended from the tall ceiling and positioned above the bed.  The bed was constructed of very dark wood with white/cream colored bed linens serving as a very nice contrast.

In front of the  bed were a series of three cargo-style trunks:  all proportionately smaller than the other:  in ascending order.  The lower trunck was deepest brown; the second trunk was decorated with a zebra print and the third once again was a rich brown color.  The texture of the trunks was similar to alligator skin.The floors in the villa were hardwood and the room which I speak was made complete with the addition of a ceiling fan.

Soneva Kiri is easily one of the best places to stay when spending time in Thailand for all the reasons mentioned and then some.


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