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Qasr Al Sarab, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Oasis in The Middle of The Desert

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The Qasr Al Sarab property in Abu Dhabi is one of those unique kind of properties that you cannot really compare to any other stay option.

The property’s outside appearance is just as dusty gold as the sand that surrounds it. The property is federal styling with arched windows: all of it appearing very much like a sleek desert fortification. A number of buildings are inclusive as part of the property all with the same look just described. Palm trees are interspersed amidst the rows of buildings and high sand dunes add to the intrigue, (I think), of this sandy retreat.

The property is set amidst the dunes of the largest desert on the globe: The seemingly endless sand is referred to as the Empty Quarter. Approaching the site is truly a memorable experience: The first thought that comes to mind is “Wow, this is where I am staying?!”. It all appears similar to a surreal type of desert movie set. I found the whole experience absolutely unrivaled.

The Qasr Al Sarab is in an isolated spot; although only (approximately) a two-hour drive from the capital. The property has two hundred six rooms. The enthusiasm I’ve displayed within the preceding paragraph “holds” for my travel companion as well: My travel partner described the property as truly awesome. As far as the eye can see there is sand!

The room where we stayed was generously spacious: Its décor mixed Islamic design (influence) with modern elements (and expectations).

The tub inside the room was circular and large—that generous detail was pleasantly unexpected. There is also a private deck (which most guests use to catch the rays of the sun). Also our room included a Nespresso machine.

The hotel’s Spa is a one-of-a-kind experience (in my opinion) using beauty and relaxation methods originating from Thailand. However, the ingredients used for ex-foliation come from the local area.

Also, if you are not opposed to rising early, you can take a ride on one of the property’s Land Rovers in order to watch the sun come up amidst the sand dunes. Excursions on the backs of camels and Arabian horses are also available. If you prefer it, you can also enjoy the desert by way of (quad) bike or a four-by-four.

Breakfast is available after sunrise and is inclusive of classy-styled morning dining. In example, you can enjoy a delicious Eggs Benedict.

My recommendation is to reserve a room with a pool, especially since you are staying in the midst of the world’s most enormous landscape of continual sand. Ask for a room, if you can so manage, with terrific views of the dunes: If you request a Deluxe Terrace King (style) accommodation, you will receive glorious views of the ascending sand. It is unquestionably an awesome accommodation.

The phone number, for more information; and reservations is 971-2-886-2088. A double accommodation is somewhere between the $355.00 and $460.00 price mark. Since the property is so unique inclusive of high-end styling, and generous amenities, the price tag, in my opinion is not unreasonable. I (highly) recommend this travel destination and property: There are very few properties world-wide employing this sort of upscale style within this type of unique environment. Further, keep in mind you are only (as previously mentioned) near a major metropolitan location: The area’s capital is a mere two hours drive away. So the property is remote, yet not inconveniently remote. This is the type of property you stay that makes travel to far-away places well-appreciated; and very much worth the effort.

Amenities include: free Wi-Fi, a gym; a pool; a truly incredible Spa (I give the spa a ten on a scale from one to ten with ten (being) highest); and round the clock room service. “Wow” is all you will be able to say: Plan including this property within your world travel agenda and you will (easily) see what I mean.


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