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Lebanon Le Gray, Beirut: Searching For a First Class Stay: This is It!

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 One discovery you find, once you travel a good deal is there is a world of breathtaking delight in one form or another at nearly every international location you may visit. In this regard: The cynical side of me can never be appeased; and with regard to travel this is (probably) a good thing. When traveling, in other words, aim for the best with respect to what it is you can purchase (getting the best value for your money) and your efforts will not prove futile.

Traveling in usual fashion with my longtime friend and companion I arrived at the stylish Le Gray in Beirut. The hotel is the type of hotel accommodation, that in my opinion, attracts the most style-conscious travelers: The individuals who stay at the Le Gray are open-minded travelers: many are interested in exploring the city’s more modernistic venues as well as favorable nightlife. Also, the traveler who stays at the Le Gray may very well be a person who not only wishes to explore the city’s club scene but also recognizes there are many historic ancient sites to discover and appreciate.

That said, if you enjoy wine you will be delighted to visit the area where Le Gray is located. Our guest services representatives at the well-positioned Le Gray were more than pleased to direct I and my travel partner to places where we could purchase vintage wines. My companion who happens to be a wine enthusiast could not have been more delighted with the helpful information.

Further, the Le Gray is ideally located as it it is at the fringe of the city’s renovated galleries, eateries and the most stylish of shops: In my opinion a very big plus. The area around the Le Gray is a terrific place to stroll and feed your brain (and soul) with all sorts of artistic inspiration as well as satisfy your gastronomic appetite. Be ready however to open your pocketbook to some very interesting and fashionable finds.

The rooms within the Le Gray are very modern and completely to my liking (as well as my companion’s liking). The property is comprised of eighty-seven rooms in total. The rooms are situated around a wonderful atrium area which is seven floors high. Within the atrium area there are some very nice works of art. The art works are Middle-Eastern and European with respect to theme; and (thusly) I believe are very appropriate for the fashionable Lebanese setting.

I thought of our room as highly well-appointed. We enjoyed a flat screen television; and a “cool” espresso machine that took coffee beans and turned them into grounds! Further amenities include a lounge/bar area (if you care to imbibe); free Wi-Fi; a gym; a pool, a spa and twenty-four hour room service.

I recommend you dine, if possible at Le Gray’s Indigo on the Roof restaurant. This gorgeous dining venue provides diners views of the city’s Al Amin Mosque. The mosque at night is captured in light with a blue domed roof and four spires surrounding the mosque’s two blue domes. There is one smaller dome in front of a larger dome and the sight is captivating to say the least.

The windows of the Indigo on the Roof surround and extend from floor to ceiling with the support and framing comprised of deep rich wood. The dining area provides the diner with a white table cloth style atmosphere including cream colored upholstered circular chairs with a splash of olive green and orange contemporary art on the chair backs and seats. (These were the colors on my chair at least.) Different chairs I believe were adorned with different color splashes.) The contemporary art look on the chair looks a bit like someone finger painted the chairs so it is quite fun and original. I spent a great deal of time obviously taking in the view and appreciating the dining room over paying attention to cuisine. Suffice it to say, I was dieting during this particular trip.

If you wish to book a room in a peaceful locale at Le Gray; I advise you select rooms facing toward the (Al Amin) Mosque. The price at Le Gray is not inexpensive; however everything at the hotel property is what you may expect for the price point: The price range falls between two hundred ninety five dollars and three hundred ninety six dollars or thereabouts. The property address is Martyrs Square, Central Beirut District, 3888 Lebanon. As far as the phone: my suggestion is you acquire the most current number provided at their website which you may access by typing in keywords Le Gray, Beirut Lebanon Address. By the way, the price I have provided is for a double room. The property, service, view(s), location are all first-rate and I easily rate Le Gray a ten (with ten being highest on a scale of one to ten).


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