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How You Can Calculate Google Adsence Ecpm System!

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How You Can Calculate Google Adsence eCpm System!

Ecpm ( we can say – effective cost per thousand impressions ) is a real measurement always nowadays used by internet advertisers like Google and All the Internet website owners that always use Internet advertising to generate revenue from advertise. Internet Advertisers use it to derive the total maximum real value they are willing to always pay for an internet ads. Internet Web site all the owners use it as a real metric to see which internet ads and internet web sites are always performing the best and which need improvement for internet. There is always no universal “very good or good” Ecpm benchmark; it is always primarily used to always determine the improvement or the decline over time after time.

what is the real Instructions we can…


Always have to Determine the number of page or view impressions, or number of times the internet ad was shown every time. 

For an example, over the past few year the advertisement may have been viewed 20,000 times.


Always Determine the amount of earnings the internet ad made from the website. 

For a example, over the past few year, an internet ad may have brought in $60 of total revenue.


Always try to Divide the number of total earnings ( internet ads ) by the number of ( page or image ) impressions and multiply it by 1,000 for eCPM System. 

The real sum is the effective cost per thousand ( eCPM ). 

In this few example, divide 50 by 10,000 & then try to multiple by 1,000 to get $5 ( from internet ads ). 

$ 5.00 dollars is our or your effective cost per million.

i hope you understand.

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