Friday, December 15

Onbux Scam or Legit?

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Onbux is one of those new paying sites. It has has been in the market for over 6 months ans it shows good record on paying its members. It connects advertisers to possible consumers through advertisements. Active member of onbux might earn through those advertisements. Payout processing is instant in a minimum of $2. Here are the things you must know about onbux.

1. Forum – The sites forum is quite unique. Giving some prices to those who are actively involved in the forum. This stimulates an active environment of learning and sharing.  With its forum and active admin, they are slowly building there name in the PTC business.

2. Instant payment – Even in just months of operation the site has been commended for its fast and instant payment. This would give us an idea that the site is doing well and will be on a constant progress in the months to come. The site is also known for paying members online.

3. The site is legitimate – Having the chance to browse the site, I can say that the site was properly built. Sleek design and great lay out, something which gives us an idea that this is not a scam. It has good comments so far with a good forum community.

4.) Still a newbie – Having its operation for months there are still speculations that this site might fail or eventually it will just stop. The fact that it is still new would somehow pose a question in our mind whether the site will last long.

You can certainly earn in onbux and with its record of fast and reliable payments surely it is worth a try for those who are still searching for a good site for PTC. Another site in which you can also earn is on BukisaBukisa is Great. Just write 10 articles and invite 10 friends using your own referral link and your earnings will start rising in a curve and you don’t need to write that long only 250 words is required. If you want to increase your earnings you can post articles and invite friend as many as you want. Join Bukisa Here!

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