Tuesday, December 12

Neobux Scam or Legit?

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Neobux is a site run by Rezk where members are paid by clicking advertisers’ links while visiting their site for a certain length of time. Earning is easier since advertisers buy clicks to their website this would be where the members will be earning. There is also a referral system the same with other sites in this nature.

Neobux is one of the famous sites when it comes to PTC. It has been earning good reviews. But still, we always do know that when there are good comments chances are there are also some not so good comments. Here are some of the things I have learned about this paying site.

1.) It is not a scam.

The site is really legitimate. You can really earn by clicking those advertisers link being provided. You will get to have your earning once you reach your payout through paypal or pay alert. It also manifested good records on paying its members instantly.

2.) It doesn’t pay much.

Though the earning is real, one of its downfalls would be the fact that it doesn’t pay much, especially when you are just a standard member. The maximum earning you will have a day is $ 0 .17. You have greater chance of earning if you will become a Gold Member. Getting familiar with the site will also make your earnings rise.

3.) It is Popular.

The popularity of the site is really astonishing. Reading a lot of things like “Best PTC” or “King of PTC” would surely get you on your feet in also joining the site. The site is really known to be established, responsive admin and a great forum having great people wanting for everyone to earn.

Neobux is one of those recommended sites for newbie on PTC or to people who are still starting with earning money online. It is safe and reliable. You simply have to know how to go along with the site that is for greater income.

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