Thursday, December 14

Dr. Ian Klein: Award-Winning Podiatrist

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Podiatry is a very important aspect of the medical world and finding a great foot doctor can often be a daunting task. Fortunately, systems such as awards, reviews, and recommendations, are in place that help the average person determine which medical professionals will best serve their needs. Recently, awards were given in several categories to podiatrists across the nation. Dr. Ian Klein, DPM, based out of St. Petersburg, Florida, won the award for 2010 Best Overall Podiatrist from the Coalition of Medical Professionals.

The Coalition of Medical Professionals is a group committed to recognizing the best advances, products, services, doctors, nurses, and surgeons in the medical field. The Coalition performs rigorous research concerning every one of these categories and critiques every candidate based on certain criterion that is fixed for each section. For the Podiatrist category the criterion is as follows: performance, knowledge, reliability, maintenance of working relationships, successful treatment, and overall trust and resourcefulness. Doctors who are considered for all awards must demonstrate an unparalleled professionalism and must be successful in their endeavors in the medical field. Specialists, particularly, are encouraged by the Coalition of Medical Professionals to contribute to research and publications concerning their field of interest.

Dr. Ian Klein, DPM, received top marks in every category of the above criterion, earning him the exceedingly prestigious award of 2010 Best Overall Podiatrist. His practice in St. Petersburg, Florida is highly successful and he is regarded by people in the region as the top podiatrist. This award supports this lofty praise and heightens his reputation to top podiatrist in the country.

An awards banquet, hosted by the Coalition of Medical Professionals, was held in honor of the 2010 winners in Orlando, Florida. After the awards ceremony and five-star dinner Dr. Ian Klein made the following comments, “I am beyond speechless. I know that I have built a great practice and I know that I put 110% into all of my efforts as a doctor, but I never dreamed that my hard work would pay off like this. This award means it all. To be ranked number one in all of the categories that the Coalition of Medical Professionals considers is more than a dream come true.”

The Coalition of Medical Professionals was so impressed by the work of Dr. Ian Klein that they released the following statement immediately after the awards banquet: “The Coalition of Medical Professionals is honored to impart the 2010 Award for Best Overall Podiatrist to Dr. Ian Klein, DPM. We have scrutinized the work of countless podiatrists across the nation and none have compared to Dr. Ian Klein in the categories of performance, knowledge, reliability, patient relationships, successful treatment, trust, and resourcefulness. It is our privilege to present Dr. Klein with this award at a banquet which is to be held in the honor of all of our outstanding medical professionals.”

Medical teams across the country hope to learn from Dr. Ian Klein’s success and wish to emulate his practices in order to benefit their own careers. Such an example is highly valued among medical practitioners and Dr. Ian Klein will go down in history as an award-winning podiatrist.  


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